There ain't no joy without pian
There ain't no sun shine without rain
There are no couples who are problem free
No there ain't nobody who can make me happy
I have to go through it with somebody
And baby that somebody is you
I have to go through it with somebody
And i want that someone to be you
What would we do
What would we do
Where would we go
Where would we go
What would you tell me that i do not know
I know that you're mine
I know that you're mine
Love that you're fine
Know that you're fine
So you are not perfect i really don't mind
Now where gonna argue and were'gonna fuss
That's gonna happen, that is called love
And were gonna breakup were gonna make up
Let's stay together, our will take us there
All the times been tryin' to find what's right or wrong
Tryin' to tell you yours when i've got some of my own
Let's agree to dis-agree on certin things
Cause we could break-up and move on but it would be the same old thing somebody elseeee

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