Welcome to the Midwest, Yes
Where the Detroit players, ball like you have no idea
The boy is here
Got the whole place lookin like its candy painted, aint it
Like we left the kids at home and just let em loose with the crayons
Fuck, I just hit a jogger
People lookin like frogger
They Hoppin outta the way whenever they see marshalls car comin
The kids painted my windows with black, permanent marker
And left the rest of the car color cover like swirl pops
And I got the bass thumpin but im bound to bump into something
Kids are flyin through the air lookin like theyre clumpin, the way theyre tumbling
I gotta do something
But soon as I hit the carwash, to get the tar off
Then it’s right back at it tomorrow
Theyre like dad, this is it, with the trend
This is for the pimps, listenin to me, nail polish on the rims
And that was custom chrome, but I gotta go do a show
So go on with your bad self, just have it back to normal when I
Touch Down

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