A voice from the past echoes the fate - a tale of all things yet to come as it once was, so it shall be again modern day Children of the Sun
Seek the hidden rhyme and there you'll find a new world order Feel the mystery - so much to see through the eyes of hope
The Thoughts of Ma'at, forever secured - locked in the Ages Goddess of Truth speaks eternally from the depths of the pages
Seek the hidden words - as time unfolds you'll find the answers Feel the mystery - look to the Sea, under Skies of Hope
What have we done? Can we right all the wrongs - the evils and fears, for thousands of years, that forever drain our vitality? Can this go on without dyer consequence? Our tragic ways, the end of days that shadow the dawn of eternity...
He's taken form in human - likeness and manifests himself in all our darkest dreams Preying upon centuries of weakness Feasting on despair and our own selfish greed
Bow down to me - (we will never understand) Then take my hand and you will see - (we'll see...) you will see paradise - (a paradise?) - of pain and death awaiting for you all - (we'll decide the future)
Lost evermore the essence of truth, although she tried in vein to bring us peace, it will ever rest in our hands We've cried a thousand tears for all we had, and all the things we could have been, we must find our way again
Fools who looks for answers in a rhyme, seeking out a lie, an illusion I am the future, the ageless mutation
Five beyond the skies align, Zeus to Ra - the final sign
My opposition's drawing near, feeding on his fear - tasting anguish I have the power - the ageless invasion
Five beyond the skies align, Zeus to Ra - the final sign From the Messenger on Wings, Peace and War - a line of Kings...
Again the Titans clash on the edge of this earthen plane Now from the depths they speak - echoing from the wave - From the Waves...
Choose the way, five paths there for you to find turn the page, the question lies between the lines can we change?

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