(Featuring Liberty City)

When I say I do, you say I don't
When I say I will, you say I won't
I wanna keep this love but you show me you don't
What's wrong with you baby, tell me the truth

I wanna be your man, but right now, I know I can't
It's not that I don't love you, please understand
The situations in my life, they tie up both my hands
I don't wanna lose you baby, I don't wanna confuse you
(Woman)You said you would always be near.
So why do you run away, my dear
You said I would never be alone
Tell me the truth, what' going on

I know I said I'd always be there
But I wouldn't walk away if I didn't care
Things are gonna work out one day
Please believe me, girl, it's better this way
(Both) (woman) When I say I do (m)Girl, don't take it personal
(w) When I say I will (m) Lord knows I've tried. I wanna be your man
(w) Don't take your love away (m) Baby, right now I can't
(w) One day, you'll be my baby, and I still love you

(w) What about love baby.
What about responsibility
(m) What about the times we don't agree
(w) Baby, love is larger than you and me.

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