...And it goes, and it goes, and it goes a little something like this
Aww SWV is in the house for the 90's
Definately coming on strong
So step to the left like Jeff and make room for the best
(sister with voices in the house)
SWV's in the house
(Repeat twice)
Everytime I perform it's the same old thing
I make your man's d--- rise with the way I sing
Cuz it's the C to the O to the K to the O
Go for what you know ho cuz I'm COKO
Puttin all you phonies and your females in check
I'm down with SWV and Imma come correct
A lot of people try to dis me but that's ok
Because now I got a record deal with RCA
Yeah I got it goin on and you know its a fact
That I perform live not with no track
Cuz you know I can sing yes I can create
And if you try to step to me I'll set your ass straight
Tall dark and lovely dangerous when stepped to
I can arrange a single over you and your wack crew
So don't act dumb like you don't know what time it's
Cuz it's SWV and your bound to get this.
I guess it was summed up well...
Let me show you what I mean
(Hey, Hey, Hey)
*Adlib to the end...

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