I gave you your position
I didn't ask, you offered, you're short-tempered and demanding
It's my energy on stage that makes our show so outstanding
You couldn't rap on beat, you little four-eyed geek
You're double-fisted with two Heinekens actin like a lush
it's hard to squeeze strength out of a cream puff.
So you can fill an application at the Hair Club for Men
Put my feelings aside so that we wouldn't collide?
But I'm breakin my back while you're hangin out at the bookstore
So when we make songs at least our music sounds distinguished
You're dead-set in your ways, your stubborness
I'd had enough to start my own (edited) record label anyway
But once the cash comes back you can recoup your dough
(How many states?)
(How old are both of y'all?)
(How'd you come up with the name Swollen Members?)
(Any last words?)

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