We want you, to take a good look at what we do
Not the type that you can see right through
Cuz you never know what we might do (uh huh uh huh)

I see the global orbits of time warps and forests of darkness before us
Orchids turnin' grey from what I bring out of my medical tray
Perpetuate Prevail Wonder and the alphabet is the predator and the prey
Don't let 'em walk away, broken in the bone yard, smokin' in the boys room
Spoken in the pattern that consumes you like a vacuum
The war ship I dock is the property of His Worship,
It's awkward when we talk about morbid conditions,
Vividly described from this side of the lie detector
Siphon nectar from the blossom, natural toxin, approach with caution
Blow flames in blue light they dance on the oxygen
Lost again in space? Allow us to demonstrate how it all generates
From motors to engines, machine guns to hand grenades, renegades of vengeance
Swollen Members, Battleaxe Records
I have the omnipotent gift to lift the crowd, without havin' to speak too loud
I'm confident my crew can keep them out when I'm...
"lookin' in your eyes"

Monarch and an Anarchist, I smoke nicotine, he smoke cannabis
An' sip on Bombay Sapphire, I drink Jack Daniels
He thinks things through, I react
Mediocracy's not possible, opposites attract
AC/DC, Back In Black Sabbath,
Agatha Christie, cars named Christine
Hard to deal with agin' when you still feel 15
Combat stance, tarantula, this approach is soft but deadly
Come in low, slow, and kill you gently
We some monsters in concert
The sharpest, flyin' in on magic carpet
Try to off us and end up in coffin
I'm awfully raw, you can tell I'm off when
"I'm lookin' in your eyes"

The dagger gather, you're all invited
Mouth of the black hole, Poseidon could dive in
An' die from the diamond cut, raisin' it up
As if we're not amazin' enough
Dine on the braggart, time to push forward
The more words the better, heart line beats jagged
Electric green, pesticides, mustard gas and mustard greens
That's what it must have been

We like muscle cars, not bar stars
No Singapore slings, we swing at the hardball
Hardcore, used to sleep on cardboard
Tell your folks that it ain't no hoax when I'm
"lookin' in your eyes"

We want you to take a good look at what we do

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