I've got a girl
She tastes like rain on my tongue
She's got the moon in her hips
And her eyes burn up like the sun
I'm gone from my girl when I leave her alone
There ain't nothing that I'm running from
There's war in my blood
I've still got wars to be won
Maybe something sweet
Somewhere between a flower and a gun
And where my girl is now
Someday that's where I want to be from
But love is a dollar that's already spent
Love is a song that's been sung
There's war in my blood
Love ain't the tune that fills these lungs
So here's my consolation
The opponent is enough
It takes two to go to war
And only one to fall in love
I had a girl
I know precisely what made her run
Her skin looked like the sky
Made my heart beat itself like a drum
I long for my girl
And I meet her in my dreams
I tell her she'll always be my only one
But there's war in my blood
There ain't a thing love could have done
There's war in my blood
There's war in my blood
There's war in my blood
There's war in my blood

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