Title: New Way to be Human
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: New Way to be Human
(c) Meadowgreen Music/Sugar Pete Songs/ASCAP/Khamara's Last Songs/BMI
Tabbed by: Samuel Johansson
Yet another pretty correct tabbing by moi.
Intro (no bass)
Verse (the bass comes in on the 2nd part of the verse)
G |--------------------------------
D |--------------------------------
A |-----------3-3-----0-1-2-------- 4X
E |-0---3-3---------3--------------
G |---------------2---------------------------2----------
D |--------3-------------3-------------3-------------1---
A |-3---------------------------3------------------------
E |------------------------------------------------------
G |--------------------------------------- --------------------------
D |--------------------------------------- --------------------------
A |----------------3-3-------------------- 4X, then end on: --0-1-2-------------------
E |-5-3-5----1-1---------3---4-5-3-5------ --------------------------
Chorus 2X
Stick (no bass), but enter last chorus with:
G |------------------------------------
D |------------------------------------
A |------------------------------------
E |-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3----
Some bars without the bass, then play chorus until end.
If you find any errors or find that something's missing, please mail me at [email protected]
PS. I tabbed it from my memory, so there might be some errors. DS.

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