Hilton hotel, room was small
Square box, two beds and four walls
I need the girl who is kind
Relief of my mind and body
I remembered the magazine add
Pretty girls who will visit your pad
A knock at my door
Don't know what's in store for me
She said Call me, call any time
Call me Call me, bring you water and wine
Call me Call me, daytime or night
Call me Call me, and i'll turn on your light
Call me, free phone
She walked in I had to be strong
I felt she had always belonged
Ooh I must keep calm
The sweat in my palm won't go away
She said now please relax my friend
I'll stay here 'till the very end
She took off her shoes
Don't know what to do
Then i heard her say
Call me, call any time ??¦
I lay on my belly
She rubbed in petroleum carely
Her hands felt so good
Laying on my back
Nearly blowing my stack
Oh i wish she would
Surrending it's sweets
What she do with her feets
She satisfied
And her pocket don't lie
Then she waved her goodbye

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