Men will be men
And they'll call me the governor
I walk through the bar
And I'll buy the next round
Because this is my ship
And I say it's my destiny
And we'll all go up and go down
We go down, go down
Through the town and back up through the avenues
And into the places where people don't stay
Go visit the king and then leave through the window
Go hang with the gang and get lost in the fray
Andy is a saint
Or a savage I forget
Depends on the day
And if he's eaten yet
He's something to see
When he's first out of bed
Not that I'd know
I've just heard it said
Said that men will be men...
Spider's the guy
With a hand over gun
He'd show me how
But I don't want one
He's also polite
For a second storey man
And he's changed his spots
As much as anyone can
We know men will be men...
Come and sit with the horse
And admire the view
Drink down these biers
I think you had a few
Yes, and don't look at me
I'm not selling today

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