i see her walking through the streets and through the avenues
i see her sitting in the bars and coffee shops
And when she is returning, she got tired eyes
but she is never sad

driving down the street and the sunlight hits my eyes
all the downtown girls like thorns without a rose
suddenly it hits me, like it never did before
these diamond eyes

hey guys, she gets everythings she wants

cocktail bars at midnight, her laughter it is always around
talking and drinking, we danced until we were tired
the morning is dawning, so great to look into these eyes
she is never sad

i am waking up beside her, glad to feel that gentle skin
love in the morning, what a great way to let a day begin
this girl is like a grapefruit, sweet but with a bitter taste
because she is always leaving again…

hey guys, she gets everythings she wants
say it loud...

she is never sad
she is alive

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