(Words: M. Liffengren, Music: P. Liffengren)

Spotlight, beaming in the window
Brought into the light again
I've heard it said from a friend before
That some things just need to be said

Accusations love to fly around
Whenever we start to make a stay
Tickling itching ears,
I've heard a few come my way


Don't worry, your past is gone
(that was yesterday)
As far as the East is from the West
(they've been blown away)
You're here for such a time like this
(the rest is in the wind)
Forget the blues, they've turned to gold
You are free, my friend

There're some things that have been spoken
About how you used to be
But you're a new creation
The old has passed away

Let's look at life one day at a time
I'm looking at you through loving eyes
Skeletons' been dancing
It's time to let it be


If you can't see the end of the light
Just look to me, the future's bright
Take my hand and you will see
There's so much more I have for you
Don't you know I'll see you through?
You've come this far, I'll never let you go


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