(Words/Music: K. Heinzman)

She said, "I need to know what the future holds for me."
He said, "My child, I can give you all the love you need."
She spends all her time wondering why she has to live this way
She goes home and cries about the life she's made


She just needs someone that she can turn to
Someone she knows will always be there
She waits all day for the wind to blow her dust away
She won't change, she just waits for another day

Hopeless, she lives to die as she stumbles from day to day
No end to the affliction that has consumed her life
She goes from man to man, trying to fill the void inside
Having failed, she resigns to stay the same



And she cries, "Oh God, please! Can't I find a way out of here so my pain will subside?
So much shame for what I've turned out to be. My feet are planted in the mire."


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