(Words: K. Heinzman, Music: M. Liffengren, D. Wright)

Ever heard of sacrifice?
(A too oft forgotten word)
They are shouting faith denied
(The credo of our world)

Did you ever trust in man?
(A too foreign concept)
Will you ever trust in God?
(Too hard to accept)


In my mind I'm free to think what I want
In my mind I have found what I've sought in You

How the times have changed
(The masses proclaim)
And all the things of yesterday
(The feeling's the same)

Aren't you supposed to stay your ground?
(And accumulate wealth)
Conform your thoughts to the wretched cry
(Of the mentally unwell)



In my mind there's a place I retreat
To be in the warmth of your smile
In my mind I have all I'll need
I'll just stay with you awhile


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