(Words: K. Heinzman, Music: B. Holderman)

I don't know how to say this
I think about you everyday
I never got to see you
I don't even know your name

I close my eyes to picture you
And my thoughts begin to turn
Would you have been my little man
Or daddy's little girl?

I never got to hear the words,
"Daddy, take my hand."
I'll never watch you write your name
It's just so hard to understand


As I wipe away my tears
I can faintly hear
A gentle voice keep saying,
"Don't Cry."

Never got to hear your voice
Calling out to me
Never got to worry
About how you'd turn out to be

My love for you grows stronger
As I hold your momma tight
Her body shakes from crying
And I pray with all my might

The life you live is better now
Than the life you'd have with us
I only wish we'd had the chance
To give you all our love


As I wipe away from tears
I can faintly hear
A gently voice keep saying,
"Don't cry
Close your eyes and hear me
I know the pain you're feeling now
Is more than you can bear
But don't cry.
I know it's hard to believe me
But trust me, Son, your eyes will dry
And your life will carry on
Just know your child rests with me
And don't cry."

Will you recognize me
When I see you in the end?
Will you call me father
Or will you call me friend?


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