(Words: K. Heinzman, Music: B. Holderman)

I'm so tired, alone
No one around me
I can feel the pain
As seclusion grounds me
There's no light I've seen
That can penetrate me
But I feel like that's about to change

Quiet hands of fate
Begin to choke me
And I can feel the weight
Of the sin I carry
I try to scream aloud
No one hears me
But my cry is completely understood


And I'm where I'm supposed to be
Here with you
But I, I don't want to see
The end in front of me

There's so much more to life
Than I've had time to do
So much more to see
Than this microscopic view
I need time to live
Put my life to better use
But I'm so cold, I need to warmth of you


I'm so tired, so cold
My voice has left me
Just my child I leave
A remembrance of me
My last thoughts of life
Memories that please me
I must go

Now I'm going home.

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