Ooo-when I was a small boy,
Well, I could see the magic in a day,
But, now I'm just a poor boy,
Well, maybe it's the price you have to pay,
If you lock your dreams away
If no-one wants to listen.

What's the story,
I wish I'd been a minstrel,
Just think of all the maidens I could call,
Oh-I wish I'd been a gypsy,
Then maybe I could read the crystal ball,
'Cause surrounded by these walls,
Just makes me feel uneasy.

I said hey, Sister Moonshine
Won't you send me a little sun
I said hey, Sister moonshine
Who's a stranger to everyone.

Make us all cry
Make us all try
Give us a secret, show us the light,
Well, strike up the music, light up the sky.

Mmm-If I was a lion,
Well, I could be the king off all the plains,
Mmm-If is was an eagle,
Well, maybe I could fly above the rains,
Oh, fly above the pain
But, I know I'm only foolin'

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