Trouble is my calling card, thatÎ???s my middle name
Ever since you walked away, things are not the same
Now my life is misery, donÎ???t know what to do
Yes your gone, your history, but I canÎ???t get over you
Used to be in Shang-Gri-La, life used to be so good
You and me were going so far and that was understood
But ever since you walked away, my world has turned so blue
So now I live from day to day Î???cos I canÎ???t get over you
Give our love another chance, you could make it so
Just how this could go so wrong, I will never know
Well I want you right next to me and thatÎ???s all I can say
And IÎ???ve been calling ever since you drove me away
You were on my mind so long, itÎ???s hard for me to take
Now my heart is not so strong and it might break over you
You can wear a wig and some elevator shoes
Make yourself twice as big, but IÎ???m still coming after you

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