It's not strange to be a psycopath
The wold we're living in goes straight to bath
There is a reason to feel so alone
When there's every night a panther on your telephone

It's really hard today to ind some truth
There's even acidin your apple -juice
I don't think it's o hard to understand
There are people who don't een trust the helping hand
They prefer to drown in water to drifting sand

Some of them have already cast their dice
They hide in alcohol or Jesus Christ
And others grew completely out of bounds
Now the festival of violence is all around
And the cry of one's despair is no more then a sound

It is not strange to get a heart-attack
Since we've got nothing like a tail to wag
All our frustations heaping up inside
Make the docter Jekeylls change into the mister Hides

So many people feeling hook-and-eyed
There is no law that makes i justified
You cannot raise against the common herd
'cause the only thing that counts for them is yellow dirt
It's the fancy price of living in a grueome world

You took the chance to leave the beaten track
You are ... it's such a strange effect
You're feling more then just a substitute
So you better not fly to high in your selfish mood
As you know you hae been born without a parachute

repeat 1-3 verse

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