how come you won't let me?
how come I'm flushing it again?
how come you don't want me to blow?
I've got a napkin for your chin
and if you never tell me, I guess i'll never know
and if you never breathe it, well it'll never snow
and if you never wake up, I guess you'll never sin
and if you take that vow babe, I'm strokin' it again
how come you won't let me plug you?
I guess repression wins again
I know it sounds like I don't love you
just cause the thought might make me grin
and if you never tell me...
when I go down I hope you're in the ground with me
cause you're my bride
why did I let you slide?
I'm still in town - don't see you around
but if you care, I guess i'll still be here

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