I know that you want my man
I know you've been makin' plans
I know you wanna be me
You know that can never be
You thought you had me fooled
Thought I didn't have a clue
All along I knew the truth
and now the joke's on you

Don't think that I don't see you again
Cause it's so obvious when you come around
That you wanna start blushing and touching
I see the way that your checking him
You must be out ya mind to ever think
That he would wanna leave me


How long will you keep on tryin
You just keep on flirting
Trying to get him open yeaaaaa
But it's all in vain
Cause he aint believing
Tell you what you should do
Find someone who wants you

chorus 2x

I know you wanna be in my shoes (my shoes yea)
But you can't do what I do (I do no)
You can never be the woman I am (yea)
and mines to much man for you
Can you tell me why you want a man (a man)
That's already someone's man (my man yea)
Fixing this out of ya hand
Time to stop this
Cause it's getting out of hand

chorus 3x

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