Artist: Stephen Lynch
Song: Kill a Kitten
Album: A Little Bit Special
Track: 22
Tabbed by: Rick ([email protected])
AIM: unhlax23
Em (022000)
C (x32010)
G (320033)
D (xx0232)
Em C G D x4
Verse 1:
Em C G D
When the game of life makes you
Em C G D
Feel like quittin
Em C G D
It helps a lot if you
Em C G D
Kill a kitten
Em C G D
Mark my words cause from
Em C G D
Where I'm sittin
Em C G D
You can't go wrong if you
Em C G D
Kill a kitten
Em C Em G
Verse 2: (play like previous verse)
Em C Em G
Feed it turpentine, or break it's spine
Em C Em (stop)
Crush it with you're shoe, as long as you
Kill a kitten
Em C G D x2
Verse 2: (play like other verses)
Chorus.(play like other chorus)
Em C G D x2
Play Em over these lyrics:
Killing Kittens isn't easy
And if the though makes you feel queasy
Grab a pitchfork from the shed
And kill a puppy dog instead, yeah (start playing Em C G D)
Kill a kitten
You got to kill a kitten
A little furry kitten
You got to kill that kitten
Then he just repeats kill a kitten with someone else singing behind him.
That's it. Email me with questions. Later

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