I'm in love again
I can't believe it
I'm in love again
Love is what I feel [so deep]
So share my deepest needs [with me]
Again, again and again

Don't you believe
That a wonder is coming true
'cause what I see
When I look into your eyes
[it's more than a simple friendship]
[it's more than just a song]
My heart is yours - if you want
My love could stay for ever
If you feel like me

CHORUS - repeats

Could you say
What I want to hear
How could this be
You are still close to me
[it's more than a simple love]
[it's more than just one of this crazy ride]
My life is yours - if you want
My heart will always be - yours
If you want too

All what I've ever wanted in my life
Is coming up to me now
I know your love will never fade away
Our love is ment to stay

CHORUS - repeats

Always love each other

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