I know it will never
Be as one again
And I do believe
It's for the best

Even though I don't understand
How somethings as good
As our love could en this way

There are so many questions
And there will always be
So many questions,
Unanwsered to me

Please don't say goodbye
Think about the time we shared
I can't believe, it all ended so fast
So please don't let every things fade away
I'd rather make you to stay
'cause I don't think "I" could ever say goodbye

The time we shared
Felt like heaven to me
And I don't think I'm able
To live without your near

So I hope you're not gone for good
I hope you'll give our love another chance in time
'cause you should know that we belong together
So please don't say goodbye

CHORUS - repeats

So please don't say goodbye

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