I tend to break all of the rules
My head is so messed up that
I make a fool out of me
Imagine if nobody cared
Imagine if I didn't care
How careful do you have to be?
Why don't you imagine playing at sea?
With paper back novels and giant sand castles
With children all running just looking for mommies
With beach babies bouncing
With all of those posers
And I like to sit and watch the stars at night
And the moon's glowing like at sapphire tonight
And the trees they look even better than last night
The weather was strange on that day
The streets they were covered in ice and in clay
The wind it was starting to blow the leaves they had nowhere to go
Why don't you invision being with me
Because I'm crazy about living and crazy about dying
I'm crazy about laughing and Crazy about crying
I'm crazy about?

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