С табами

(When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing
A Fun Bunch Of Guys From Outer Space
A Song That Sings Itself
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Academy Award Performance
Achoo (с табами)
All You Ever Think About Is Sex
Amateur Hour
Beat The Clock
Cool Places
Dance Godammit
Everybody Move
Frankly, Scarlett, i Don't Give a Damn
Gratuitous Sax
Happy Haunting
Happy Haunting Ground
Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil
Hospitality On Parade
I Thought I Told You To Wait In The Car
I Wish I Looked A Little Better
Just Got Back From Heaven
Kiss me Quick
La Dolce Vita
Let's Get Funky
Let's go Surfing
Let's Make Love
Lots of Reasons
Love Scenes
Lucky Me, Lucky You
Modesty Plays
Music That You Can Dance to
My Other Voice
Now That i Own The Bbc
Please Baby Please
Prayin' For a Party
Pretending to be Drunk
Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat
Rockin' Girls
Senseless Violins
Shopping Mall of Love
So Important
Stop me if You've Heard This Before
The Ghost of Liberace
The No. 1 Song in Heaven
The Scene
The Toughes Girl in Town
Tryouts For The Human Race
Tsui Hark
When do i Get to Sing "my Way"
With All my Might
With All my Might (с табами)
You Got a Hold of my Heart