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Already Dead
Always And Never
Arrivals & Departures
Bleeds No More
Bodies And Words
Call It Karma
Dawn Of The Fall
Defend You
Discovering The Waterfront
Fist Wrapped In Blood
Forever And A Day
Friends In Fallriver
Giving Up
Hear Me Out
If You Could See Into My Soul
Last Days Of Summer
Love With Caution
My Consolation
My Disaster
My Heroine (с переводом)
Red Light Pledge
Smashed Into Pieces
Smile In Your Sleep
Sound Of The Sun (с переводом)
Summer's Stellar Gaze
The Ides Of March
The Sand Will Turn To Glass
The Weak And The Wounded
Three Hours Back
Waiting Four Years
When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Wish I Could Forget You
Worlds Apart
Your Sword Vs. My Dagger (с переводом)