A Faded Picture
A Thousand Shadows
Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Excuse Excuse
Fallin' In Love
Flower Lady And Her Assistant
Gypsy Plays His Drums (Live)
It's A Hard Life (с переводом)
March of The Flower Children
Night Time Girl (Live)
No Escape
No Escape (Live)
Nobody Spoil My Fun
Now a Man
One More Time Blues
Out of The Question
Painted Doll
Plain Spoken
Pretty Girl
Push it (с табами)
Pushin Too Hard (с табами)
Pushin' Too Hard
Pushin' Too Hard (Live)
Satisfy You
Satisfy You (Live)
Six Dreams
Travel With Your Mind
Try To Understand
Two Fingers Pointing on You
Up In Her Room (Live)
Where is The Entrance Way to Play
You Can't Be Trusted