(Savage Garden)
There's two sets of Dm chords-- one with the bass lines and one that is a quick
solo ringing-- the Dm's listed are the solo ones. I'm not even sure if they are
in the exact place, but if you can play with the CD you'll know where it goes.
You can either play the quick 3 beat solo or play the Dm continuously with the
bass line.
Like most of the other chords on this site, they are tabbed at the bottom and the
asteriks indicate where they go. :)
intro: Dm (x4) *
Dm Dm
and we stare each other down like victims in the grind
Dm Dm
probing all the weakness and hurt still left behind
Am C G *
and we cry the tears of pearls we do it oh we do it
Dm Dm
is love really the tragedy the way you might describe
Dm Dm
or would a thousand lovers still leave you cold inside
Am C G
make you cry these tears of pearls
Bm D Em G
all these mixed emotions we keep locked away like stolen pearls
Bm D Em G
stolen pearl devotions we keep locked away from all the world
Dm Dm
your kisses are like pearls so different and so rare
Dm Dm
but anger stole the jewels away and love has left you bare
Am C G
made you cry these tears of pearls
Dm Dm
well i could be the tired joker pour my heart to get you in
Dm Dm
sacrifice my happiness just so i could win
Am C G
maybe cry these tears of pearls
we twist and turn where angels burn
like fallen soldiers we will learn
that once forgotten twice removed
Em G A
love will be the death the death of you
solo: Bm D Em G (x2?)
(chorus twice)
repeat ** until fade
*intro solo (4 Dm in the background):
**Outro solo:
Bm D Em G
submitted by david tyson ([email protected])

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