We walk without a sound across the barren landscape
Your eyes are twisted down to a dew entrailed ground
We watch the stars as they slowly fade away and in the
Clearing sky I see a cold stone face of morning setting in on me

It's a strange world
It's a very strange world that leves me
Holding on to nothing when there's nothing left to lose

Your touch is cold and damp the devil's in your eyes
I wonder why I always let you led me on this way
Cause you see only what you want to see-you feel
Only what you want to and I am on the outside of your strange world


We're walking hand in hand we'll wlk this way forever
Our eyes have risen to the water's edge watching with the tides
The stars hve fallen to another day and the sun warms our pat to
Find the reasons leave us far behind in our strange world


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