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From: [email protected] (Eric Olander)
Into The Fire
Sarah McLachlan
Mother teach me to walk again
Bbm Gb Ab7
Milk and honey so intoxicating
Bbm Gb
Into the fire
Db Ab
I'm reunited
Bbm Gb
Into the fire
Db Ab
I am the spark
Bbm Gb
Into the night
Db Ab Eb
I yearn for comfort
Open the doors that lead on into Eden
You're no cheap disguise
I follow the signs marked back to the beginning
No more compromise
{Solo in Db}
Bbm Gb Db
Free the water that carries me to the sea
Bbm Gb Db Ab
You I see as my security
{Guitar tacet}
I will stare at the sun
until it's light doesn't blind me
I will walk into the fire
'till its heat doesn't burn me
Bbm Gb Ab
And I will feed the fire
I play this by capo-ing on the 1st fret and playing the chords
like this:
Ab7 --> G7
Bbm --> Am
Gb --> F
Db --> C (barre on 3rd fret (relative to the capo))
Ab --> G (barre on 3rd)
Eb --> D
Eric Olander [email protected]
AG Communications Systems

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