From: [email protected] (Jordan Sabourin)
Here goes nothing. I never use tab, and this is my first Tab post, so
feel free to edit/add/delete. This is not the way Sarah does it. She has
her Capo on the fifth fret I think, this is done with a capo on first
fret, general tuning.
Intro: picking
lowest _____0__________________0_____________________________
# __2__________________2________________________________
# _________________4_______________4__________________
# ________4__2__0____________2__0_____0________________
# ________0__0__0__0_________0__0__0__0_______________
(You'll have to listen to the song in order to figure out how to pick it.)
All refrains, substitute lyrics.
The ice is thin, come on dive in, underneath my lucid skin,
- - - - Intro - - - - - - -
the cold, is long forgotten.
D C B7 (?)
Hours pass, days pass, time stood still. Light gets dark and darkness fills
- - - - - Intro - - - - - - - - - - - - -
my secret heart forbidden.
D C B7
The only comfort is a movie by the river,
C B7 Em G
You enter into me a lie upon your lips.
C B7 Em G
Offer what you can I'll take all that I can get.
C B7 Em G
Only a fool here....
C B7
Note: B7 is what I think this chord is. 0
Or at least that's what it's supposed to be.
All this was done by ear so i might have gotten stuff wrong.
All chords are still picked the same way the intro is.
I guess you have to listen to the song a couple of times
ax204 : Yellow bird flying,
J.D Sabourin : get shot in the wing.
(looking : Good year for hunters,
at you) : and Christmas parties.... -Tori Amos.

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