Hey boy, come on over here
Let's shake it
Let us come 2gether
'Cause you're the one that I want
Let us come together

[Verse 1:]
Do you like to know about what I do
When I start with loving you
Wildest dreams will come true
Making love until the day is breaking
Hold me tight the bed is shaking
When we do what we do
So let's go...

Breakin' it up, shakin' it up
I'm gonna find out how do you wanna taste it
Shakin' it up, breakin' it up
I'm gonna make you scream tonight

When you're the one who's gonna blow my mind
Let us come 2gether
When love is all I wanna feel inside
Let us come 2gether
When passion rears its head again
Let us come 2gether
Won't you tell me that you feel the same
Then we prove our love again

[Verse 2:]
Do you love to do the same as I do
Get it up and feel it too
Never have to be blue, no no

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