What ever happend to our lovescene?
Something that we may never know
The touch of your tender hands
That once curess my soul
But I never thought
One day youґd have to go

Iґll will always find you in my heart
No matter if youґre near or if youґre far
I just have to close my eyes
Just make a wish
Iґll see you there
And all my dreams come true
(Whenever youґre not right here by my side)
Then I know forever youґll be mine
No matter if were close or far
Iґll find you in my heart

Walking alone
I hear your footsteps
Lying alone
I feel your breath
(Lying alone
I feel your breath)
Wish I could turn back time to
When love was ooh so new
And I realize
I miss the time with you


Iґm not gonna let this pain displace me
Iґll do everything Iґve got to do

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