I've been tellin' my dreams to the scare crow,
about the places that I'd like to see.I say friend
do you think I'll ever get there,but he just stands
there smilin' back at me.
So I confessed my sins to the preacher,about the love
I've been prayin' to find.Is there a brown eyed boy in
my future,yeah.He says girl you've got nothin' but time.
How do you wait for heaven,and who has that much time and
how do you keep your feet on the ground when you know,that you
were born,you were born to fly.

My daddy he is grounded like the oak tree,
my momma she is as steady as the sun.
Oh you know I love my folks but I keep starein' down the road
lookin' for my one chance to run.
So I'm gonna sore away like the black bird,and blow in the wind
like a seed.
I will plant my heart in the garden of my dreams,and let it grow up where
I want it wild and free
(Repeat Chorus)
But a How do you wait for heaven and who has that much time,and a how do you keep
your feet on the ground when you know that you were born....you were born yeah yeah yeah,
you were born to fly
Yeah,you were were born to fly,fly,fly,fly,you were born to fly
Yeah,wooo hooo ooooohh!

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обожаю сару иванс!!!!!!!а песня просто суперская!!!!