Song Title: Take Me
By: Paolo Santos
Album: The Best of Paolo Santos
Tuning: Standard
Transcribed By: Choo Nerez
(If you have any comments or suggestions to the transcription,
pls feel free to mail me at this address, [email protected])

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Take Me

Asus2 Asus E7 Bm7 C#m7 DM7 CM7 C#m7add5


Intro: Asus2-E7-Bm7-Asus

Chorus: (Asus2-E7-Bm7-Asus)

Take me to those arms, baby
Take me to the sea
Take me where your love would bring me
Help me to be free

Verse: (DM7-C#m7)(3x)

is it clear
through the sparkles in your eyes
theres no fear
for any of the past
this is real
i can feel it
drivin up my spine
i know you should be mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse: (DM7-C#m7)(3x)

When I met you
I saw a rainbow up the sky
When I held you
Time began to fly
Its so real
I can feel it
Deep inside my heart
The only way to start

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: (Asus2-E7-Bm7-Asus)(2x)

Bridge: (CM7-E7)

Never doubted it for a minute
Everythings so right
Never dreamt that id be in it
But you were at my side, yea

Prelude: (Asus2-E7-Bm7-Asus)(2x)


Take me into those arms, baby
Take me into the sea
Take me where your love would bring me
Help me to be free

(Repeat Chorus)


...naa...partidat.. (Paolo sangs gibberish here..lolz..specialty nya cguro..kayo na bahala..)


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