The tears in my hands* a sea of mirrors* in which I finally recognise you* gentle icy cristal fairy* 1 saw you dancing on the horizon* I found myself in your eye* and realized ... * but fell again with your tears* a gleam of silver light* I perceived her heart* your eye got blind from mv love* and on my knees Irve gotyour last bleesing* and deep inside of me* the old longing awakes* but her beauty makes me blind* on her wings she took me away* so heaven is a part of me* the leaves are dancing a strange ritual* who are you, that 1 am breathing for you?* 1 st refrain
see the bride dancing to the stars
see the bride-crushing on the tloor
see the bride-crying in the rain
2nd refrain
see the bride-dancing in the stars
see the bride-drowning in the sky
see the bride-coming aown like...
see the bride- dieing in the rain


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