Time can't take away this pain,
I feel it everyday,
There was a time when all was alright in life,
but some one took it one night,
Anger is all I know,
how unfair it seems,
the breath as you sleep forever more,
We'll never hear your voice, see your face,dream dreams for thye future,
I told you everything,
How come they see light and you have eternal night,
WHERE is the justice,
when the pain end,
when I see you again?
When will I see you again...
And forever my tears will fall,
No one can change this nightmare our life became
the night you where taken away,
Never will I look at people the same,
Forever my heart will break,
Because this pain is more then I can take,
I know there is more I have to do,
For you I live for you I move on so
I can let you live through me
Forever Your a part of me...
A part of ME....

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