Alone,I wander through this dark valley
Eternally I feel the pain of my heart
I am embraced by sheer death
And agony weighed down by grief
For wherein lies the pleasure
That night never turn into day?

The forst will not deprive my its coldness
Demons,you see how my soul quietly pines away
And see,I saw a pale horse
With the banner of abomination
For this beast would give unto me my fate
So that I will not have peace

And woe fill my dry throat
My sleep will be visited
by these screams of mine
Alone,I wander through this dark valley

Within despair I will remain
Until the casket becomes my bed
This dark embrace of grief
Entices me with chains of red
But listen,hear the cries
Of another man in pain
Blood as red as the blood
Dripping from my chains

Behold a lamb,nailed to a cross
Filled with the sins of mankind
But still His tears are shing of hope
His death is not His end

Arisen from Hades,Satan enslaved
The dusk turned to dawn
Take His hand,reveal His gift
Do not fear the death of mourn

For wherein lies the fear to reveal His love?
That your nightmares would find their end?
For darkness and pain shall yield
And thy grief be gone the day you find
That the Lord my God and recieve His call

And if I wander through dark valleys
I will fear no evil
For the Lord my God is following me
Through deepest pain

Released by God I am
Within His almighty strength I stand
And now I know the day that holds my end
Cannot bring me suffer,bring me pain
My fear has turned into hope
His strength... stronger than all

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