Your love for me came as a waterfall,flew inside me like never before, your love for me, something I didnt see, but baby i know better now.
When you walked in that very knight,A special feeling just burst inside, it was only you, nobody else, but baba, I know better now

Dont wanna love you , if you dont love me, dont wanna need you when you dont need me too, dont wanna tell you theres nothing but it wouldnt be right, if I, (if I) didnt tell you this tonight.

and now your back inside my house again
tyin' deeper to explain, cuz baba I wanna getr it all, and baba your the one for me.
And now that I got you all alone, after all this talking on the phone,I should be strong, theres nothin wrong, Ill tell you this is where you belong.
(where you belong)
Refraim: X2

There was just something in your eyes that made me realize, now I here voices deep inside tellin me tellin me, to realize
Refraim: X2

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