To those whom I miss
And to those would miss me

Life is shortbut long in the living
Going forth on the uncertain paths of the future
Seeking an outleta pathin vain

There where that tunnel so familiar
And that wall banishing the light
Stifling forever the hope of a better day

Curs’d be she who gave me birth
Prisoner of lifeI await my deliverance
I am weary of the struggle for chimeras
Of sensing the weight of timepast and future

I began my descent as from that first day
This night shall be minethat of the great leap
There will be a wara keya door

Faced with the dilemma of the cord
Short are the paths which lead me to the tomb

Drunk with eternity I topple the chair beneath my feet
The phobia of the infinite is speedily replaced by darkness

This profound and absolute darkness
Which I have dreamed of for so long

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