(Send me some lovin')
send and I pray
how can I love you
when you so far away
honey send my your picture
send it my dear
so I can hold it
and pretend that you are near
cand you send me your kisses
I still feel your touch
and I need you so badly
I want you so much
my days are so lonely
my nights are so blue
I'm here and I'm longing
and I'm waiting for you
and I want you to
(Send me some lovin')
send me some of that lovin'
(send and I pray)
send and I pray
(how can I love you)
how in the world can I love you
(when you so far away)
when you so so far away
(honey send my your picure
send me your pictures
(send in my dear)
send in my dear
(so I can hold it)
so badly to hold it
(and pretened that you are near)
and I wanna pretend that you near

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