From: Brittany [email protected]
Oh no, there you go again/You're so trying to pretend/That i dont know exactly what you/ Are thinking about me but you/Don't know that i feel the same/I'm so tired of playing games/Are you just afraid i won't be/Feeling you but, baby you will see/i got what you need and more/but you gotta make it yours/i got what you want for sure/So what are you,baby,waiting for/Baby, I already know that you want me/ So what will it take for you to tell me/I'm Down for you, to be with you/Why are you procrastinating/Leaving me anticipating/to be with you,be down for you/All you gotta say is bring it to me/so, now we're all alone/Got your chance to let me know/No reason to let time go by fantasizing/bout the things we could do/Now my temperature is rising/whats it gonna take to be with you

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