You got to start me up
Start me up
Start me up

Come down the S to the A L T
Come down the Luv to the B U G
Come down the Spin to the D A Rella
Come down S T double E the E in the V
Come down the P to the E P A
Come down Idolmakers in the house how ya know?
Come down to the Record Lord
Come down...

[Wait a minute y'all wait a minute
Let's get serious for a minute
Y'all havin' fun, I'm havin' fun
Everybody havin' fun
But you know those times when you get stressed out?]

Everybody has a time in their life
When things doesn't always go right
It just gets harder every day
And it makes you wanna run away
And then I wonder where it will end
Can I ever be myself again?
Yo, I got hopes, and I got trust
And I got you here to start me up

But it's been so long that I thought I lost you
And I felt my life was goin' nowhere without you
I feel so strong because I have you
Standin' by my side, baby, baby, you just got to


Start me up, you got to start me up
Start me up, you got to start me up
Start me up, you got to start me up
Start me up, you got to start me up

Now why you lettin' them get you down?
Pushin' you around until now?
What's it gonna take till you realize?
When you gonna open up your eyes?
And how come you don't ever kiss me
Or even say how much you miss me?
But I got you and we got us
Together we can start it up

I'm fed up (fed up), word up (dead up)
Got to keep my head up, don't stop or let up
You're sleepin' later, time to get your bed made up
Always on the loose until your dude get paid up
Paid up, wait up, I'm knockin', and I'm puffin'
Watch television all day doin' nothing
Pushing in your liver, looks like you're ready to deliver
Yo, Salt, I think it's a caesar


Well-a, well-a, w-h-h-hell-a
You're caught in the rain, but you forgot your umbrella
Oooo, what could you do punch-a-nella, punch-a-nella?
You're trapped in a cage like an ape called Magilla
And now you're ready to throw in the towel, that's kinda foul
You don't give a hoot like a mute owl
That's not the way I know you to be
You used to be true to me, oooo-whee, what you used to do to me
Shows that you got a lot to offer
So brother just get offa your butt because it's gonna cost ya
It rips me apart to see you like this
Me and you might just be able to fight this so baby

Start me up, you got to start me up
Start me up, you got to start me up

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