Pep had to step she'll be back in a sec
But in the meantime I like to have sound check

One two's what I say as the record gets played
For a little bit to make sure it stays on track
The wax can't be scratched unless Spin is there
So she can catch it on time so then I can rhyme
The vocalist on the mic is me

I'm the short and sexy one in effect
About to bring it to you straight up, wait up
You ready? Huh, it's time to pay up
The capital S gonna spot
I'm here to wreck shop [Salt, where's Pepa?]
Yo, she's at the next stop
So all aboard, grab a seat and get set
Spinderella, start it up, now let's check
Overdrive, rhyme after rhyme, I'm still the best
I'm holdin' down camp keepin' punks in check
So snap out of it, me the soloist for what?
Salt and Pepa with mics, Spinderella with cuts
Let's get paid, get paid

Yeah, comin' in and goin' in, growin' in and throwin' in
We got the flavor, and everyday we're showin' it
So just stay back cuz Salt ain't takin' no fronts
Cuz I'm dope, I look good, and I'm paid to be blunt
Reigning supreme, all hail the queens from Queens
You think it's def now? Wait till Pepa steps on the scene
So petty rappers take a seat, make sure you sit up straight
The name Salt and Pepa, the year '88
Let's get paid, get paid

Doin' the chores on behalf of my partner
Like money in the bank so thanks, now I'm a spark of the ashes
Strike the match, light the fuse
Spinderella, me, and Pep singing the Get Paid blues
To the petty I'm like a machete making confetti
Cuz you don't see Pepa, punk, step up, you still ain't ready
You want a piece of what the Salt releases?

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