R U ready?
Pum pump let me see you jump
Shake your rump push it real good
Break it down with the funk
One love like the LB say right right
Music Makes Us High but you've been given shade
'Cause I stay paid sippin' lemonade
Don't be mad 'cause I got it made
Diva hatin' waitin' snake in the grass
Look me up and down when I pass
Vibin' with your girlfriends
Jealous of my dividends and my Benz and my ends
Like no other butter,
Smooth like cream, I keep in milky
When I move on the scene
Got you fiending, on lock down, can't you tell?
Never fell, black queens doing it well
We be the crew that you wanna step to
Sisters with an attitude, now how my mic sounds?

1-My mic sound nice
Check one, check 2, everybody make way
Party people coming through
Throw your hands up, put 'em up
Bounce, hold steady, are you ready?

(repeat 1)

We make you burn with the hot track
Spin and scratch the hot wax
So I could grab the microphone and climax
Bars stay lean and cream keep stacking
Dr. Suess cracking the beats with no slacking
So move with the groove, makes your knees weaker
Salt-N-Pepa coming through your speaker
Hot blazing, so amazing, 150 proof raisin' the roof
Who got the juice now?
Yeah, poppa, I'm gonna break you off something proper
Show stopper like Frankie Crocker
Female phenomenon, when you get off, then put me on
Miss Jiggy, hell yeah, huh, the bom digi
Microphone check one, 2, brand new coming through

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