Salt and pepa’s on the mic makin’ sure you like
The type of hype that’s unbelievable to write
Spinderella’s gonna spin from beginning to end
Once againwe’re gonna let the party begin
So tell me pepaare you ready to work it out?
You know it saltI’m ready to work it out
Spinderellaare you ready to work it out?
Cuz salt and pepa is ready to work it out
So let the rhythm run (what? )the rhythm run
Now let the drums run (good)the drums run
So let the rhythm run (huh? )the rhythm run
Yosalt... whassup? can we get some?
They call me saltI’m like a billion bulbs
The rhymes I tossthey’re more electric than a lightning bug
On the strength I swore there’s no either/or
Mcswe’re gonna have a mouth-to-mouth war
Some rappers got soul on the micright? (right)
But others be playin’ it like they’re all that
And you know what’ll happen if I don’t like your style of rappin’
Step on stage as soon as I’m on it
Spin drops a beat to warn my opponent
Hurb pumps the bass upon the sound system
We kick a rhyme and claim another victim
People ’round the worldI like to play to ’em
In every clubarenaand stadium
Inside the jam we’re known as the party stars
Gimme a micand the house is like mardi gras
I couldn’t do it though without the help from
The melody that we call the rhythm
Yopepaare you ready to work it outhuh?
YeahI been ready to work it out
So let the rhythm run (what? )the rhythm run (who? )
Awc’mon pepgo ahead and bust one
If the pep you wantthat’s just what you’ll get
As the rhythm runssweat’s in full effect
I see a crowdI can’t help but get hyped
You gotta bethrow it on and recite
A dope rhmye cuz I’m a lyrical queen
The pepa mc’s makin’ microphones sing
Notes to provokethey called her a joke
The speaker smoked when I spoke
Boyyou better kill the noise
Let the rhythm run (word)just let it run
Let the drums run (yeah)now let ’em run
Mess around and I’ll bet you don’t get none
Is it over yet? neverit gets better
We’ll let the rhythm run harder than ever
A bassline is added for some soul
Now the guitar will make ya rock ’n roll
My mic is like a gunI go nowhere without it
You gotta better oneI’m sorry but I doubt it
My partner’s name is pepshe’s not a half-stepper
You think you’re kinda defbut I think that she’s deffer
Since rappin’ is art and I’m a dope artist
If lyrics mean you’re smartthen I must be the smartest
My dj likes to spinwe call her spinderella
If cuttin’ ’em was a bookshe’d be a million seller
Salt’s kinda shortbut she don’t ever take none
A sucker try to disand she just have to break one
Assume the positioncommence the dance session
Loosen uplistenit’s not a dance lesson
Seatbelts fastenedlet’s have some fun
Brace yourselfhold oncuz the rhythm’s gonna run
Let the rhythm runnahthe rhythm’s done
Let the drums runnothe drums are done

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