Featuring Sybil
When duty call the leader Pep come hard
Try to dis my girl Salt up goes my guard
Still feminine feminine still yes
But then next pump a hundred weight bench press
So what it mean Pep? I'm not impressed
Cuz I wear the pants and you wear the dress
Punk you're lovin' stunk you're not a hunk
This is independent funk

And I'm gettin' ready for the year 2000
Independent - yes, I'm housin'
Independent - yeah, now watch me
Independent - no one can stop me

Woman and I am independent
I make my own money so don't tell me how to spend it
Cuz you need me, and I don't need you
So listen close, boy, to my independent funk
Yeah, can you feel it?
Yes, it's my, it's my independent funk

(Yawn) You're sleepy, go to bed
Wanna step? Go ahead and jet

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