I have always wondered
How it can be done, to pick the one
Who's gonna be my lover for life, my baby
Be there to hold me, through the night
When it happens, you can see it in his eyes
They tell no lies
Brighter than the sun in July, my baby
Cooler than anyone I've known

The colour of blue
Reminds me of you
I never see grey, green, black
You're true
The colour of blue
No other will do
In my heart I only feel
The colour of blue

I say, if you ever felt the way I do
Then lucky you
So never go for less than a perfect thing
Seek and then hopefully you'll find
There's a rhythm and and a rhyme
You've gotta find it
Then you'll see
'Cause baby, we can go on all night, just dancing
Doin' it till the break of dawn


In the rainbow I can see, colours of misbelief
There is only one for me, and it will forever be

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